9/11 : Names, Connections, Motives

Speculations about what happened on 9/11.

All of these suspects who would have contributed to 9/11, all together.

* The White House / The Bush Administration: for the management of the before & the aftermath. The phony investigation and so on. This is documented. They are all in it. Bush is in, as a (bad) actor. And the fact that he is goofy can help. Of course, Cheney, Rumsfeld and all… 10 people out of the 25 who signed the infamous paper called “Project for a New American Century” – PNAC – later became members of the Bush administration. It is very important to read this paper because it clarifies the precise strategic reasons that justified and called for the event of 9/11.

* Elements of the Intelligence Community (CIA, FBI)… Crisis actors in Manhattan. Handlers here and there ready to coach and accompany the events.

* Israeli agents, for intelligence monitoring & particularly on the ground in NYC, for the demolition job of the towers. Also in Florida, watching the alleged terrorists. This is well documented with the arrest of 5 agents on September 11. We also have evidence Ehud Barak former prime minister, is in the conspiracy. It is clear from his shocking interview on BBC just a few hours after the planes hit the towers.

* Elements around the the Saudi Ambassy in the US and Saudi secret services. There are evidence of some elements supporting the alleged hijackers during the year before the event. (Were the terrorists real? or were they agents playing? and if real, what was their real plan? and why 19 and not 20? Did one of them defect at the last minute?) This is documented with the real names of the Saudi elements.

* Al -Qaeda elements?… Did anyone related to OBL wish for this attack (before) and took credit for it (after)? This is very unlikely. There has been a vague report of using civilian planes, but it was vague, it was never taken seriously and it is not directly related to OBL.

* UK intelligence elements? We only have evidence for the BBC.

* Pakistani intelligence elements (for the CIA).


The main sovereign Nation States that are directly responsible for the conspiracy: USA, Israel, Saudi Arabia, UK…


A lot of money was made. Money is the key to a lot of it. One way to involve and buy the silence of many.  But fanatical and very patriotic elements, like Israeli elements don’t need money to keep quiet and do what they are told. Saudis and Israeli both wanted to break Iraq and improve their situation in the Middle East. Iraq was a big issue for their Nation States and they would have given all the help they were capable of to push this war agenda.

* Motivation for the US? The White House need a new Pearl Harbor “at all cost” for their war agenda. To insure world supremacy. Military and economical dominance. As well as direct profit for the individuals and corporations involved.

* Motivation for Israel? Antagonize the West against Islam and unite the West into saving Zionism from critics. They created this Middle-East agenda for the US… To get rid of Iraq first, and break other middle-east countries ending with Iran.

* Motivation for Saudi Arabia? The Saudi are in with the US since 1945. It is part of their global strategy. Like Israel, they are dependent of a strong alliance with the US and the West. They do not antagonize Israel. They plead for the Palestinians regularly but moderately and only on the humanitarian level, to keep a decent face. They specialize in charity. Their weapon is money. They always send money after a big catastrophe.

*Motivation of the radical Islamists (Al-Qaeda)? Their participation is almost equal to zero in 9/11, they might have dreamt it and might have taken pride for it. It served their cause. As ridiculous as it is. It can convince of what motivated people can do. That such a thing as to attack America on its soil is possible. It says their ideology woks. It is a very good advertising. In addition to their heroic feats against the USSR in Afghanistan. But they just did not have the capacity to do it (as it happened on 9/11). Without the facilitation and the military stand down. Al-Qaeda (radical islamists) are like the neo-cons and like the Zionists, they are looking forward and working hard for this “Clash of Civilization”. Even if they are not many, they are enough to be used as patsies. And one can assume they will become many after the 9/11 miracle… Their zeal helps the cover up of what really took place on 9/11.

* Motivation for UK : unconditional open door support and intelligence with the US (there is no difference between the 2 countries)

* Motivation for Pakistan : support for and from the US


The video above is a compilation of many sources:

Published on Nov 5, 2012

~Unslave Humanity Tactical Media: http://whynotnews.eu/?p=2143 ~sub: http://youtube.com/911TruthAnniversary ~credits video: http://youtube.com/AlienScientist (re-uploaded with permission)

Was 9/11 really an Inside Job? After reviewing this documentary, and checking the evidence, I think the answer will be clear to you.

Special thanks to Michael C. Ruppert, Mark H. Gaffney, and Kevin Ryan for solving the crimes of 9/11 with their amazing research. This video is a compilation of evidence they have uncovered.

“Crossing the Rubicon” – The Decline of American Empire at the end of the age of oil

“Black 911” by Mark H. Gaffney:

Was 9/11 an Inside Job?

A guide to 9/11 Whistleblowers

Project Hammer


SEC Act Section 12(k)2:

Richard Grove’s testimony (complete transcript)

“Collateral Damage” by E.P. Heidner

The CIA’s forty-year complicity in the narcotics trade by Alfred W. McCOY

Executive Order 12333 created an agreement between the CIA and Justice Department (DEA) to look the other way on Government Drug Trafficking: http://www.fas.org/irp/offdocs/eo/eo-12333-2008.pdf

AIG and Drug Money

Maurice Greenberg’s report for the CFR

Richard Armitage, Frank Carlucci, Herbert Winokur, and company

Post 9/11 Promotions:

9/11 Gold Theft and other smoking guns:

Kevin Ryan’s landmark article on who had “Demolition access to the WTC Towers”:
Clean Up:

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Taku Murakami, US Patent 5532449 – Using plasma ARC and thermite to demolish concrete, http://www.patentstorm.us/patents/5532449/description.html

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The agreement between LLNL and Savannah River can be found here – https://www.llnl.gov/str/News597.html

Savannah’s reference to developing sol-gels can be found here – http://srnl.doe.gov/mat_sci.htm

SEC document for Washington pre-payments – http://www.secinfo.com/dRqWm.4G1Vx.c.htm

The Ties That Bind, Descended from family business empires, six huge business groups dominate the Japanese economy, Multinational Monitor, October 1983 – http://multinationalmonitor.org/hyper/issues/1983/10/ties.html

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Kroll Inc website, http://kroll.com/about/

John’s tip: http://911Matrix.whynotnews.eu

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