The killing of Osama Bin Laden in 2011

The official narrative of the killing of Bin Laden in 2011 is far from being transparent. Most serious sources and reports insist he died in December 2001 from a disease or from a bomb.

If this was not true (in the case he had staged a fake death at the time!) what is sure is that he had no more role in Al-Qaida when he was allegedly killed in 2011. He was old, sick and isolated from all operations.

Whether it was him or whether the entire operation was real or not – according to at least one important witness – it did NOT happen the way the US government reported it to the people. Not at all.

According to the official story one of the two helicopter crashed… by accident… but no one was hurt, they say. OBL was shot and they all left with his body. But according to a witness it seems one of the helicopter that crashed, crashed in a much more dramatic way and people actually died in the crash.

Also, the witness said the team of supposed Navy Seals were not American… According to his testimony they were certainly not Navy Seals.

US officials said they did a DNA test and threw the body in the sea. A DNA test cannot be done as fast as they reported it. And throwing the body in the sea is really WAY TOO EASY and “too” practical to hide everything. (They declared they did it like this to avoid giving him a tomb where he could be celebrated like a martyr by his followers.)

Also all the members of the seal team who supposedly did the job died a few months later in Afghanistan in a very suspicious manner. These super “elite” soldiers were stuffed – all of them – in the one old shitty helicopter. Some of them had reported to their close ones they feared for their lives… People have speculated that the members of the team had realized that none of them was actually there… and they wanted to come out and talk about it.

Later a hollywood propaganda movie (Operation Geronimo) was made about this operation to “coin” the official version in the head of the masses. This movie is pure fiction.

The operation was motivated to boost Obama’s popularity before the elections that were coming. To add this to his achievements… His true achievement was to finally close the 9/11 fictional script left open by the Bush administration!

This whole operation might be fake. And made fishy on purpose to confuse the unbelievers and make a cloud of chaos. This way one has only 2 choices. The well written but fake official narrative, in other words the movie… or a headache.



Revelations of Pakistan Network TV – Sep 2013

Daily Mail 2009 – the most simple and realistic thesis about OBL dying in 2001.–U-S-Britain-covering-continue-war-terror.html

Osama Bin Laden 1957-2001 (by N. Kollerstrom)

An article by Seymour Hersh – June 2015
It says the whole story is bullshit. It does not question if OBL was still alive or if it was or was not him.

Obama’s SEAL Team 6 Coverup – Paul Craig Roberts Interview –

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