Marilyn Monroe’s murder – August 1962

A book published in 2014 says Bobby Kennedy (RFK) had Marilyn Monroe murdered on August 4, 1962 to prevent her from revealing her sex affairs with himself and his brother JFK, the president of the United States.

The Kennedy brothers were “passing her around like a football,” revealed brother-in-law, actor Peter Lawford, years after she died.


According to investigative journalists Jay Margolis and Richard Buskin, the case is solved. The story is summarized in this article from the Daily Mail.

Marilyn knew too much about the Kennedy’s and threatened to reveal everything. Bobby Kennedy did not act alone, the authors claim. Complicit in the murder was Lawford and Marilyn’s shrink, who gave her the fatal dose of pentobarbitol.

Before that, she was given an enema filled with broken-down Nembutals and seventeen chloral hydrates. When ambulance drivers found her in her Brentwood guest house, “She was naked. She had no sheet, no blanket. There was no water glass. No alcohol…”


What seems to be sure is that her home has been found to be very seriously wiretapped in 1972 while some work was being done on the house.

Who would want to tape her house? and why? I was most likely for her relation with JFK. (1) The US secret services or JFK himself to protect himself from her and to watch her… But it this is not so likely… (2) The US secret services to spy on JFK. Most probably by Hoover’s FBI. (3) The mafia to spy on JFK. (4) Russia. (5) Israel. (6) The group(s) who killed JFK later.

Are the people who are behind the wiretap, also behind the murder? Maybe not. It could have been Bob… exactly like in the theory above… but with a different mobile. Maybe they have suspected her of leaking stuff… of being a spy for X. While in fact she was being wiretapped by X.


Another theory involves the mafia. (The motive would have been to end Bob Kennedy’s carrier because Bob was going against certain aspects of organized crime. Bob and her had broken up already before her death… The idea behind the murder would have been to make people think she killed herself because of Bob, just after he left her house.)

It is undeniable Marylin was murdered and did not commit suicide. The video below is an excellent review of all the possibilities surrounding the murder.


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