Was the Moon landing a hoax?

Was the US moon landing a hoax? At least the photos and films of the famous Apollo mission were staged. There is no single doubt about it. NASA obviously sent something in space but it seems that “man did not walk on the moon.” Neil Armstrong never walked on the moon. The hoax was pretty successful. Internet was not here to help spread the word… Today only 7% of American believe it was a hoax. This could indeed be called one of the biggest hoaxes in recent human history.

The popular theory that Stanley Kubrik was somehow involved in the production of the footage of Appolo 11… is supported by many elements, including numerous hints planted in his movie The Shining

Did they send a shuttle? Did it land? Apparently it came back with sand and stones from the Moon. It would be interesting to know exactly what happened on the Moon.

Some people pretend that the secret is even bigger. It is not about covering up for something that did not happen, but covering up for something bigger that happened. They would have found weird things, such as strange technological artifacts on the Moon… such as moon bases… made by other intelligent groups or civilizations… More than one astronauts had UFO sightings and spoke publicly about it such as Edgar Mitchell.  But it is very hard to prove any of this with tangible evidence.

One thing is very clear and very documented: the maintained effort for extreme secrecy. The diffusion of the “UFO” topic in entertainment (Hollywood) and the serious cover up in reality… Since the mid-1950’s, the UFO topic is classified higher that the H bomb…

But this attitude could be a way to spread disinformation and lure the Russians and the World… making them believe America made contact with aliens and gained access to unprecedented advanced technology.

It could also be to protect real advanced military technology during the Cold War.

One researcher is convinced the people who did the fake Moon movie made specific mistakes to send a message… According to him the mistakes are not out of stupidity but intentional… Why would they do this? To play dumb for the Russians and hide the project behind a veil of incertitude?… To suggest – to whom ever it might concern – the possibility America did not do it?


1 thought on “Was the Moon landing a hoax?”

  1. It must be faked, because, not one photography of all the APOLLO Missions shows the starlit sky on the moon. Not one picture! Think about it. Why should the Astronauts not take at least one camera to the moon to make breathtaking pictures from the myriads of stars? Because they could not fake the correct positions of millions of stars on the sky of the moon. In the Press Conference, after the first (supposed) landing on the moon, Buzz Aldrian stated “Stars? I didn’t remember seeing any.” Sure. We know why.

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