The Holocaust according to Jewish-born David Cole Stein

I have recently listened to interviews by Holocaust revisionists. One of them is David Cole-Stein. He talks and writes not only about the Holocaust but also about his life experience, how he had to hide for his life in the 90’s, all the persecutions and death threats he had to endure. (His new book is called Republican Party Animal. At the end of it he sums up his views about the Holocaust.)

* Just after WWII, when the Russian and the Americans liberated the camps, there was a lot of usual war propaganda. Some of it has been officially debunked today, such as making soap or lamp shades out of dead bodies. This is now mainstream information. It is admitted by all historians, but there are other war propaganda myths that are still not admitted.

* At the end of the war, as the Nazis were loosing, hunger and diseases spread widely in the camps and prisoners were dying like flies of typhus and various diseases. At the liberation, to produce powerful pictures and movies for the propaganda, bodies were dug out and piled up.

* In the camps, upon arrival, prisoners were systematically shaved for hygienic reasons, disinfected and showered…  (It seems the hairs were re-used… in particular to make shoes for submarine navy officers to avoid the noise of footsteps that could be picked up by radars.)

* According to the official account of the Holocaust, it is admitted that 6 camps were extermination camps. But most revisionists historians do not agree. They say these 6 camps were labor camps and no gas chambers were ever used in those camps. We know for a fact there was daycare for kids, music bands, a theater and a swimming pool at Auschwitz. In many countries, it is against the law just to suggest these simple facts. It is a crime to allege there was no gas-chambers in Auschwitz. The harshest laws are in Germany. In Canada, in the 80’s, a concept called “hate speech” was invented to repress free speech on this topic. In France a law passed in 1993. In Italy this topic is criminalized as well… Only in the UK and in the USA it is different: freedom of speech prevail (but in practice people are shamed, blacklisted, fired).

* According to David Cole-Stein and others, it seems only one Nazi camp had a gas-chamber that was used. And it seems it was only used once to kill 86 Jews. It was in a camp in the west of France (Alsace). The gas chamber at Natzweiler-Struthof was built for Dr. August Hirt, in order to enable him to gas Jews for his work on racial differences! Hirt’s superior, Sievers, submitted to SS Sturmbannfuehrer Dr. Brandt in a letter headed “secret” on the 9th of February, 1942, Hirt’s “proposal for securing the skulls of Jewish-Bolshevik Commissars: “Of the Jewish race, however, only so very few specimens of skulls are at the disposal of science that a study of them does not permit precise conclusions. The war in the East now presents us with the opportunity to remedy this shortage. By procuring the skulls of Jewish-Bolshevik Commissars, who personify a repulsive yet characteristic sub-humanity, we have the opportunity of obtaining tangible scientific evidence.”

* In Eastern Europe, on the Eastern front of the war while expending towards Russia, the Nazis murdered many Jews. Most of them were communists and activists. They had orders to search for them and kill them. All historians agree on this Holocaust with bullets.

* Nazi “state ideology” about race discrimination was extreme. The brutality was extreme. It was a one way ticket to Hell. Some inmates were used for scientific experiments. (Many countries used prisoners for experiments in history, past and recent. The USA carried experiments on low income black neighborhood in the 50’s, after WW2!) We know of a few commanders in particular Nazi camps who were cruel and sadistic. Going freelance or free style… outperforming the orders of their superiors, particularly at an early stage of the war. Some were investigated by their hierarchy for excessive sadism and removed.

* Many Jews counted as dead did not actually die. After the liberation of the camps by both Russians and Americans, many families and friends were separated by the “iron curtain” of the coming Cold War. Some assumed their relatives were dead… while they were separated by this new divide for decades… or forever. Many cases have been reported.

* The number “6 millions” is a symbolic number (it was used decades earlier in the press to designate the total population of Jews in Europe). The actual count of Jewish deaths is much less. It was possible to count but it was purposely not done. The lowest estimates are a few hundred thousands, like 700.000, some say 1.5 million. The highest estimate by revisionist historians is 3 millions. (Raoul Hillberg says 5.1 millions in his book from the 1960’s). There is no doubt that MANY people were killed on the Eastern front. And many died of diseases and privations. But the facts are overwhelming against systematic “extermination in lethal gas-chambers” in the 6 alleged extermination camps… 10.000 per day are claimed at Auschwitz! There seems to be a lot of distortions, exaggeration and creations. (1) War propaganda for the allies and (2) Zionist propaganda to justify the creation of Israel.

*  It is a fact that there are no tangible proofs for the gas-chambers. It is usually said that the Nazi destroyed and erased the traces of their crime when they realized they might loose the war. This is supposedly documented but historians are critical of these documents. Historians tell about witnesses, but they shall not take witnesses accounts as proof. Some new accounts and documentaries suddenly popped out in the 1970’s and 80’s… right at the time of Israel’s wars. The battle against revisionist historians was booming. For Israel it was considered a war effort! Nevertheless, the alleged eye-witnesses to actual gas chambers have been exposed as liars. One of them, one of the most advertised at the time would be planted liars. Only very few among the survivors. Most of them only repeating rumors and stories they had integrated after so many years of hearing the same stories.

* During the war and at the end of the war, the Allies had to justify their “war crimes”… After Hiroshima and Nagasaki (probably the worst war crime in the history of the World) America needed to demonize their enemies and pretend the enemy did worse. The allies had killed a lot of people. Not only civilians in Japan… In Germany there was Berlin and Dresden and other city where civilians were also intentionally targeted and massacred. Even after Germany had surrendered.

Also it was clear the allies did not respect their war objectives: they did not liberate Poland… Poland was the point of going to war in the first place… But they gave it to Stalin. It was part of the agreement made with Russia against Germany… As Joseph Goebbels wrote: “If the German people lay down their weapons, the Soviets, according to the agreement between Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin, would occupy all of East and Southeast Europe along with the greater part of the Reich. An iron curtain would fall over this enormous territory controlled by the Soviet Union, behind which nations would be slaughtered.”

Racial discrimination was common in the US and in the European colonies… All western countries were racist against other race and in particular blacks… The West in general developed the idea semites where hybrids who contaminate white blood with inferior back blood!

In this context, the narrative of the programmatic and intentional “extermination” of the Jewish people using gas-chambers, was pushed to vilify the Nazis and somehow “angelize” the Allies and minimize their war crimes. The point was to make this war look like “the good war”.  A glorious and holy war of good against evil.

* The destruction of the Jews in Europe by the Nazis – now called “The Holocaust” or “Shoa” – has truly become the new religion of the Zionist regime occupying Palestine. It has been intentionally taken out history and turned into myth. A fiction based on historical facts… Historians who critically research this particular event are harassed, censored and criminalized by the protectors or the myth… Academics have been harassed and the academic World has been terrorized in an unprecedented manner that one needs to notice and speak about. The main reason of this persecution, is that their opponents were not able to prove them wrong, due to the absolute lack of evidence about the gas chamber… This is why the protectors of the myth are using all kinds of violent methods to prevent free speech and silence their critics: moral pressure, physical threats, violent actions and finally anti-free speech laws to cover up and protect the official narrative, like a religious dogma… A dogma that needs a leap of faith: for the love of Israel and its wars… Because this narrative is at the foundation of Israel’s creation and the justification of its racist ideology and its various wars.

This Holocaust religion is one way to promote the concept of “Jewish people” (something that is hard to define) as the absolute victim of World history, and therefore justify the land grabs and the daily war crimes against the Palestinians. It is about a holy war for what Germany called Lebensraum. And for this sake, Palestine itself has been turned into a concentration camp. (Western antisemitism gave the concept of “Jewish people” an ethnical or racial reality it does not actually have.)

* In practice, during the war, the Nazi policy Generalplan Ost (Master Plan East) was to kill, deport, or enslave the Polish, Ukrainian, Russian and other Slavic populations and peoples living there considered racially inferior to the Germans and to repopulate Eastern Europe with Germanic people. The populations of cities were to be exterminated by starvation, thus creating an agricultural surplus that would feed Germany, and thereby allow political replacement by and re-population with a German upper class. The eugenics of Lebensraum explicitly assumed the racial superiority of Germans as an Aryan master race (Herrenvolk), who, by virtue of their superiority (physical, mental, genetic) had the right to displace any people they deemed to be Untermenschen (subhumans) of inferior racial stock.

Among all serious historians there is no doubt about the intention of the Nazis to eliminate the Jews from Europe… For sure, the hate and the will to exterminate are undeniable facts. What is questioned are the methods and the historical reality of the extermination inside the concentration camps.

* According to some revisionists (David Cole-Stein and David Irving agree) there was an extermination phase at the beginning of the war. During the invasion of Poland. Jews would have been killed in very small gas chambers, using truck engines. And the body would have been buried after. It is said they were later dug out and burned so as to leave not trace… This early extermination phase would have killed about 1.5 Million Jews alone. And apparently after this phase, orders were reversed or clarified… All the efforts had to be directed towards winning the war and Jews like other prisoners were pushed to work for the Reich. The more and the better a prisoner works, the more food and the best treatment he gets. “Work will set you free!” As one can read on the gates of Auschwitz.

Historian David Irving speculates about group killings in Auschwitz at the arrival of new inmate… after the infamous “selection”… and he says maybe chambers were used who knows but if they were used, he says the amount of victims was very small… maybe a selection of the very old or the weak. (There is no hard proof of any of this.)

* The labor camps were certainly “one way tickets”, but they had to be productive! It was all about using this free labor as much as possible, not killing it. Using people like animals. Using some of them (not that many) for scientific experiments (although these things were not specific to the Nazis). Taking good care of them, like good slaves, in order for them to keep working. And the more the war was becoming hard to win, the more the Nazis need labor… The facts point historians towards a strategy of containment that was applied to this Eastern Europe “hostile” population, not mass industrial extermination through gas chambers.

History is always subject to revision. In every way. If new evidence appears, history will follow… Truth must prevail and it will prevail. Unfortunately the fanatical and violent resistance against the truth, by Israel, is very strong and fuels – and will continue to fuel – antisemitism worldwide. Israel and Zionist propaganda “over-promotes” the Holocaust in to attract sympathy and fight antisemitism, but the effect is inverted. It creates more antisemitism. Some of it public, some of it silent.

The swimming pool at Auschwitz. 



3 thoughts on “The Holocaust according to Jewish-born David Cole Stein”

  1. Sorry, but I am not allowed to read this article. Let’s assume, David Cole made good points which contradict the official narrative. What should I do then? As an Austrian Citizen I am not allowed to question the official narrative by law. Therefor I accept the official account word by word and try to forget, that the famous and well known Kant wrote “sapere aude” – “Have courage to use your own intellect.” Well, yes, I am a coward.

    As of historian Alfred de Zayas there was a witness at Nuremberg, SS-Judge George Konrad Morgen, who, during the war, made investigations against the then commanders of the concentration camps in Buchenwald and in Lublin. Both commanders were brought up before a court of the SS, found guilty and were executed. [page 21, Völkermord als Staatsgeheimnis, Olzog Verlag, 2011]


    1. I know the laws in many countries are terrible and this is very sad… But Internet allows in many ways to transcend the regional/national laws… And neither you nor me are questioning anything here… We are only discussion David Cole 🙂

      I am not a specialist myself on this topic. I have found Arno Meyer’s 1988 book “Why Did the Heaven Not Darken” to be a good source. These are a couple of reviews:


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