9/11: What happened to the passengers?

There is a strong consensus in the 9/11 Truth movement that the 4 planes that crashed were guided drones with no passengers inside. A bit like the infamous Operation Northwoods of 1962, that JKF refused to approve. The 2 planes that crashed in the towers looked like passenger airplanes, and the 2 others were smaller types of drone. The consensus is very strong about this as well. In addition, absolutely everyone agrees the phone calls from the planes (released much later due to pressure from victims families) were simulated. This is undeniable. The passenger were made to believe they were participating in a drill. So the heavy and disturbing question that emerges is: what the hell happened to the more or less 200 passengers of the planes?

Did they take off… and landed elsewhere? Or did they stay on the ground? According to a very close examination of the phone calls, researchers allege the recording happened in an airport hangar with stairs. (One reason being one passenger refers to someone being up on a “second floor”.)

Were the passenger killed after the operation? Were the voices computer generated? (It is mentioned because it was technically possible, but very unlikely.) Did the passenger help the plotters? It seems so. It is highly probable passengers accepted – or were forced to accept – to participate to what they were told is a simulation that took place in hangar, with or without a plane in that hangar.

This is the best explanation by far. It explains their cooperation and the lack of stress in their voice (like bad actors) and many other anomalies in the content of the calls. It is nevertheless difficult to imagine (for us normal people) they were killed in cold blood after their collaboration… But it is an option we must rationally consider, and probably the safer solution for the plotters.

Some of the passengers have been alleged to be Intelligence agents. It is hard to believe all the passengers were killed.

The case of Ted Olson – zionist neocon lawyer working for Bush – loosing his wife Barbara and lying about the fact that she called him from the plane is extremely disturbing. I wrote a post about it here.

Either they were killed, or they were re-located with money, under new identities under some sort of very tight contract… Maybe only some of them were killed… Maybe most of them are fake and do not exist… We know for sure some of them did exist!… Maybe some were recycled as CIA agents? Maybe they had applied to become agents and this event was to welcome them into their new job and new identity?… Of course this is total speculation.

A systematic inquiry would require investigating each one of the alleged passengers one by one… Investigating their families and friends slowly and carefully… and see if this brings anything relevant. Of course if one of them was found alive it would expose the whole operation.

Otherwise we have to assume they were killed. One way they could have been killed is by making an opening in the plane and flying around for 15 minutes to make sure they suffocate. In one bad movie about 9/11 theory, they are led in to a sort of futuristic gas chamber by armed men…

If they were killed: what about the bodies? Did they take the time to burn each one of them in a cremation machine? Did they throw them in the sea with stones? Did they burry them in some place? or fed them to sharks? A body found would be a fantastic evidence of the conspiracy.


About the phone calls allegedly made by the passengers :
David Ray Griffin on the 9/11 Cell Phone Calls: Exclusive CBC Interview 

Speculations about what happened to the planes and the passengers:
Questions and Answers about the Alleged Passengers of 9/11
The 9/11 Passenger Paradox: What Happened to Flights 175, 77 and 11?

The 9-11 Passenger List Oddity – by Vincent Sammartino http://www.wingtv.net/thornarticles/911passengerlist.html

Unraveling the Mysteries of Flight 11

What about the Passengers? What happened to them? – by Phil Jayhan
The most plausible explanation as to what occurred on 9/11 regarding the 4 planes and passengers.


Rebekah Roth (a fake identity) presents an account of what could have happened inside the planes on 9/11. Her books (Methodical Illusion and Methodical Deception) are fiction novels.



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