The disappearance of the young Madeleine McCann in 2007

Madeleine McCann was an – almost – 4 years old English little girl who’s parents Gerry and Kate McCann, claimed was abducted during their vacation in Portugal in May 2007. The affair became huge in the press and is still considered a mystery by the mainstream media. Pretty soon, the parents were accused by the Portuguese police of hiding the death of their daughter. English tabloids went crazy on them. The more the parents were exposed, the more the couple increased their PR efforts, writing books, raising funds and creating campaigns to “search” for Madeleine all around the World.

In reality the case has been solved. It has been proven Madeleine died and the parents conspired with their friends to hide the body… But why? If Madeleine had died in an accident, it would have been easier to tell the truth and declare the death… To decide to hide the body and lie means they must have had a huge reason to avoid the autopsy of the body!… reasons such as previous or current injuries, signs of abuse or evidence of sedation.

The chief of the investigation in Portugal who designated them as prime suspects was silenced and replaced by someone else… Him and his family suffered serious consequences. He wrote a book to tell the truth. It was translated in other languages except English. It was banned in the UK.

We know that (1) the couple – both physicians – used to give their kids pills to make them sleep, the parents denied that but the grand-father of Madeleine confirmed the parents would use sedatives (Calpol?)… (2) many witnesses – most of them close friends of the McCann’s – contradicted themselves… (3) a few months later very special dogs confirmed the presence of a dead body… and traces of blood… in numerous places inside the apartment and in the trunk of a car they rented later, 24 days after the tragedy… The loss of blood implies Madeleine was bleeding. Either because she fell, either because she was abused… (4) One of their friends – David Payne – made comments of a shocking sexual nature about Madeleine in the past… He also used to bath the daughters of his friends.

The UK government decided only 3 days after the disappearance of Madeleine to cover up the affair by appointing one of their best PR specialists (Clarence Mitchell). It became quickly political. UK versus Portugal. The McCann team kept creating “searching” events in many countries… raising more money and creating fake leads… As if the only way for them to clear themselves was to continue to “search” forever and convince the World they truly believe she is alive… and shame and silence people who dare doubt them.

Gonçalo Amaral, the Portuguese policeman who was inquiring, was fired from his job and wrote a book about it (The Truth of the Lie) proving the parents lied and the girl died in the apartment. Later a documentary was made from the book. On the internet, many independent researchers finished the job… bringing more pieces of the puzzle and confirming the deception.

The original crime (the lie and cover up) opened the way for a series of other crimes committed by the parents and their teams: laundering the millions of pounds they kept receiving from donations.

This story is unique because of the popularity of the scandal in the media and particularly online and on social networks. The reason is simple. The McCann’s were exposed with blatant evidence. And the cover up was also exposed. It was the perfect mix to generated a storm on the Internet… which cannot be silenced… It can only be “contained” through a painful and long term strategy (similar to the cover up of JFK and 9/11).

The affair is unique because the UK government took side – despite the truth – and decided to protect the couple from the Portuguese law. The point for the UK government – since the very beginning – was not the truth, but the cover up. The scale or importance of the means invested in the cover up is the heart of the mystery. Why did the UK government involved itself in this? How did they know the truth so soon? And why did they opt for the cover up “at all costs” involving even the MI5? Why did the UK government react – so early! – like a family trying to protect a dirty family scandal?

The UK government – certain key people like Gordon Brown – behaved as if the McCann’s were super VIP’s or as if the truth would have compromised other very important people.

We also know Intelligence Agencies spy on pedophiles and use this to control important political figures. We know MI5 has filmed people in secret for such reasons. We know the FBI spied on gay people in the past for the same reasons.


Most witnesses who pretend they saw Madeleine in the preceding days seem to be lying. They contradict each other and nothing fits. The pictures provided by the family are also not convincing. It seems Madeleine died earlier. Maybe as much as 3 days earlier.

One person is very suspicious: Robert Murat. He came rushing from the UK about 3 days before the “kidnapping”… As if he was called to help figuring out the abduction scenario. Later in the inquiry he was considered a possible pedophile and a prime suspect for a while. We know of secret meetings of himself, his lawyer and people from the McCann team. We know Gerry the father lied stating he did not know him while in fact they had seen each other on the day before Madeleine “disappeared”… It is more than possible he helped hide the body.

In one interview, Gerry was asked if he knew Robert Murat before, Gerry refused to comment and terminated the interview. According to phone pings, we know the day before the disappearance (May 2nd) both Robert Murat and Gerry McCann met at a Golf Club and both switched their phones off at about 6 minutes from each other… Gerry switched his phone back on about 30 hours later… at 11:00 pm on the day of the disappearance… one hour after it was made public by the parents.


Did the couple have special connexions in high places? Did some of their friends had special connexions to the UK government? Important people related to the UK government might have been involved somehow. Enough to motivate such a high level of cover up… Very early, the McCann’s were in direct contact by phone with Gordon Brown and with Tony Blair as well. It is a fact the UK sent their best agents on the case very early – before even inquiring! As if they knew. How come the McCann (both physicians) benefited from so much solidarity from their friends and for so long? Were these friends also involved in some way and therefore protecting themselves as well?

It is a fact that Mark Warner – the company which manages the resort and arranged the holiday for the McCann’s – did a lot to help from the start. Maybe they reacted this way to avoid or at least control a scandal that could tarnish their reputation. They payed for two trauma counsellors from CCP for the couple. CCP is related to the government and manages crisis events. Mark Warner Company was instrumental in calling the UK government into this.

A 63 years old woman who was aggressively campaigning against the MacCann’s online was found dead in October 2015.


According to the couple and the 7 friends who were with them in Portugal, everyday (for lunch) they would meet at David and Fiona Payne’s apartment (David is the guy who made sexually suggestive comments about Madeleine in 2005).

On an amateur video of the McCann’s and their friends, we can see all the group in a bus. Probably the bus the took in the airport on arrival for their one week vacation. In this video, while every seems very happy, Gerry the father is in a terrible mood. He seems particularly upset. He grunts something like: “Fuck off… I did not come here to have fun.”

In Portugal, a pedophile ring of important people went on trial in 2010, and the UK press did not cover up this one! They did exactly the opposite. Almost happy to say that organized pedophile networks are something important in Portugal… and not in the UK.

Recently in June 2016, it was revealed the McCann’s became friends with Clement Freud before he passed out in 2009. Freud had a villa very near in Praia da Luz. He invited them and cooked for them pretty soon after the disappearance of their daughter. Clement Freud was a popular figure in the UK. In 2016, three women accused him of abuse on them when they were young. It seems he was a serial pedophile with a serious history. The McCann’s denied knowing about his pedophilia and pretend to be shocked about the news.. It seems the UK police knew about this link and did nothing.

The possibility of a pedophile ring must be taken very seriously. The UK is infamous for its pedophile networks involving important political people, even churches and Christian communities… It seems this resort in Paraia da Luz is or was a hub for British pedophiles.

Whether the death of the young Madeleine in 2007 was the direct consequence of a sexual act – or not at all… there is little doubts she was a involved in some sort of sexual abuse with the consent of her parents.


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