Operation “Flat Earth”

According to every person with a brain online today the “Flat Earth” theory is a psyop – a psychological operation – developed and encouraged by the Intel Community. One can just google “flat Earth psyop” or “flat Earth conspiracy” to see how loud the deception is clear for everyone. Operation “Flat Earth” is only here to allow politics (Obama and Macron already did it) and media propagandist to use it in their discourse as a tool to demonize the web in general, i.e. to discredit real information coming from independent sources… about millions of very serious topics like JFK… 9/11… the alleged Moon landing and so on… Is the flat Earth idea 100% manipulated? right from the start?… Also, if a few lost souls are buying into it, who are they and what exactly could be their reasons? Continue reading “Operation “Flat Earth””


The Reality of UFO’s

I am quoting an article from 2014 that summarizes pretty well the situation: “A few years ago the question was ‘Do UFOs exist?’ Today that question has been answered, and the presence of UFOs performing maneuvers that defy our laws of physics has been well documented. The question has more so shifted to, ‘Is that an extraterrestrial space craft?’ (..) I definitely believe that a good chunk of these UFOs are of extraterrestrial origin. I also believe that many of these crafts are ‘ours.'” Continue reading “The Reality of UFO’s”

Was the Moon landing a hoax?

Was the US moon landing a hoax? At least the photos and films of the famous Apollo mission were staged. There is no single doubt about it. NASA obviously sent something in space but the fact that the film is staged on Earth in a movie studio casts a doubt. For a lot of people man did not walk on the moon. Neil Armstrong did not walk on the moon. The hoax was pretty successful. Internet was not here to help spread the word… Today only 7% of American believe it was a hoax. This could indeed be called one of the biggest hoaxes in recent human history. (Also the fact that the film is a hoax does not tell us what is real. According to serious people there is a secret space program that is very advanced. And the hoax does not hide “nothing” but another even more advanced space program.) Continue reading “Was the Moon landing a hoax?”