Europe in the 1970’s, from communism to zionism

During the XXth century an overwhelming majority of artists and intellectuals called themselves marxists or communists. They did not think of themselves as one group. Some were Leninists, Stalinists, Trotskyists, Maoists… Some waving flags, some messing only with theory. In the 1970’s after the publication of the crimes of Stalinism and Maoism, they all dropped out. The last one of them probably in 1976. (Except maybe Alain Badiou and Michel Clouscard!) This was an important crisis, or turning point for all of Europe’s intelligentsia. Most of them went through something close to a religious “conversion”. Continue reading “Europe in the 1970’s, from communism to zionism”


The Armenian genocide in front of the Jewish genocide

The Armenian Genocide was perpetrated by the Turks (1915-1920). It is still denied by the Turks… and surprisingly also denied by the USA… to maintain good relationship with Turkey… and with Israel… There is an article by Robert Fisk in 2001 where he comments on the Nobel prize-winning Foreign Minister Shimon Peres baldly denying the Armenian genocide. Denying the Armenian genocide is part of the Zionist rhetoric. Continue reading “The Armenian genocide in front of the Jewish genocide”

Who wants to criminalize “conspiracy theories”?

“Never believe anything until it’s officially denied.” –  C. Cockburn.

There have been very loud rants recently about criminalizing free speech on the Internet by the governments of France and the UK. Beginning 2015, prime minister Cameron made a loud speech relating people who question 9/11 to terrorists and political extremists. The French minister of the interior traveled to California to pressure the big dot-com’s to act against free speech on these topics. They say the problem is the continuous spread of “conspiracy theories” (and supposedly the mentally sick or uneducated individuals who carry them and spread them like viruses) on youtube, facebook and other social networks. Continue reading “Who wants to criminalize “conspiracy theories”?”

The Engineering of Human Drones

Dear people publishing posts to apologize as Muslims or as Arabs: nobody needs to apologize for these human drones… In the world of J.R. Tolkien, powerful wizards like Gandalf and Saruman can summon an army of Orcs. This takfiri islam is just that. They have been created out of the blue. For a very specific reason. WHEN THEY WILL NOT BE NEEDED ANYMORE THEY WILL BE WIPED OUT BY THEIR CREATORS. Continue reading “The Engineering of Human Drones”

The Holocaust according to Jewish-born David Cole Stein

I have recently listened to interviews by Holocaust revisionists. One of them is David Cole-Stein. He talks and writes not only about the Holocaust but also about his life experience, how he had to hide for his life in the 90’s, all the persecutions and death threats he had to endure. (His new book is called Republican Party Animal. At the end of it he sums up his views about the Holocaust.) Continue reading “The Holocaust according to Jewish-born David Cole Stein”

The Last Days of a Big Lie – a critical account of Spielberg’s The Last Days

The Last Days of the Big Lie is a documentary by Eric Hunt which attempts to debunk historical falsifications  in the Steven Spielberg produced (Academy Award winning) Holocaust documentary The Last Days

Continue reading “The Last Days of a Big Lie – a critical account of Spielberg’s The Last Days”

A Prominent False Witness: Elie Wiesel

Is Elie Wiesel – the famous high priest of the Jewish Holocaust – an impostor? He received the Nobel Price in 1986 and wrote many books around his alleged experience as a Holocaust survivor creating – according to his critics – a fabricated account of the reality of the Nazi concentration camps, with an exaggerated morbidity, for means of propaganda in favor of Israel. All academic historians (even the ones in favor of Israel) accuse him of vamping up and planting a distorted Holocaust narrative. Continue reading “A Prominent False Witness: Elie Wiesel”

1979 – The Birth Year of “International Terrorism”

by Reprehensor – July 27, 2007 (source)

Recent research by authors Nafeez Ahmed, and Diana Ralph, points to the year 1979 as a turning point for Western policy that on the one hand began to facilitate covert warfare and destabilization via the Mujihadeen in Afghanistan, and on the other began to propagate a meme that has become known as “International Terrorism”. Most recently, Ahmed gave a talk at the Indian YMCA in London that reiterates his focus on that year.(1) Continue reading “1979 – The Birth Year of “International Terrorism””

Peres stands accused over denial of ‘meaningless’ Armenian Holocaust

By Robert Fisk in Jerusalem, The Independent, 18 April 2001

One of Israel’s leading scholars of the Jewish Holocaust has angrily compared the country’s Nobel prize-winning Foreign Minister, Shimon Peres, to a holocaust denier after an interview in which Mr Peres made the astonishing claim that the Armenians – 1.5 million of whom were slaughtered by Ottoman Turks in 1915 – never experienced a genocide. Continue reading “Peres stands accused over denial of ‘meaningless’ Armenian Holocaust”